How Much Time Should You Give Your Wedding Guests to RSVP?

Once the guest list is finalized and wedding invitations are sent out, the next thing to do is to keep track of your RSVPs. You may be wondering how much time to give guests to reply, and when is an appropriate RSVP deadline for your wedding date; well, here is what experts have to say!

1. Standard rule:

Give your guests four weeks to receive the wedding invitation and send back the RSVP card. Though the RSVP deadline can vary depending on the type of wedding, it is recommended to have a deadline that falls within three to four weeks before your wedding date.

2. Local wedding with a majority of local guests:

Mail invitations around eight weeks before your wedding day. Most caterers will require a final headcount anywhere from 10 to 14 days before your wedding date, so the RSVP deadline should be at least three weeks before the wedding date. This will give just over four weeks for guests to respond to the invitation. The additional week gives extra time for those sending their RSVP cards last minute, and also gives you room to follow up with guests who have yet to RSVP.

3. Destination wedding:

Invitations should be mailed 12 weeks in advance, in order to give guests plenty of time to coordinate travel plans. Guests should have around four weeks to check their calendars, make travel and hotel arrangements, and mail out RSVP cards. Including the time that it will take to deliver the invitations, the RSVP deadline should be set to around seven weeks before the wedding date. This will give ample time for you to ensure that every guest has RSVP’d. It will also give you a better idea of arrival and departure dates of your guests, so that you’re able to organize pre-wedding and post-wedding events accordingly.

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