How Much Do Wedding Invitations Cost?

Here is the breakdown of how much wedding invitation will cost based on different packages and experience:

Typical Costs
  • The national average spend on wedding invitations in 2016 is $462 according to The Knot.
  • Wedding invitation is typically 1% of the total wedding budget. This is fair for wedding budgets up to $100k; the percentage may diminish for wedding budgets over $100k.
  • With do-it-yourself kits, you can make wedding invitations for around $1.50 each.
  • For mid-range invitations on mid-weight paper, it will cost around $3-$4 each.
  • For invitations that use quality handmade or silk paper with a high-end printing process, such as engraving or letterpress, it will cost $9 or more per invitation.
  • Extra folds (tri-fold is more expensive than bi-fold) incur higher per-invitation costs, as well as lining on the envelopes.
  • The way in which invitations are printed play the biggest factor in the cost. Digital printing is the most budget-friendly option, then thermography, and then letterpress. The most expensive option is engraving.
What Is Included
  • Outer envelopes, reply cards and envelopes are typically included in standard wedding invitations.
Additional Fees
  • Save-the-date cards are great way to keep invited guests from making other plans. But they are an extra expense to consider.
  • Be sure to factor in postage when setting budget for wedding invitations, especially if you have a large guest list.
  • If your invitation is larger, heavier, or oddly shaped, then it will usually require more than the standard postage.
  • When calculating postage, do not forget to factor in the cost of stamps for your reply cards.
Shopping for Wedding Invitations
  • Average cost for design studios: $1,200+
    For brides looking for hand-drawn calligraphy or custom wedding invitations, bespoke wedding invitation designers are the go-to. For 100 invitations, design studios will charge a starting rate of $1,000 and up to $3,000 or more for $10-$30 per invitation suite.
  • Average cost for stationery stores: $700+
    Stationery stores typically offer a wider range of prices, printing options, and customization. Rates vary from the lower end to higher end stationery stores, but expect to pay around $7+ per invitation suite (the suite includes: invite, response card, and envelopes).
  • Average cost for online invitation stores: $400+
    Online invitation stores offer a broad range of prices to appeal to almost every type of budget with custom printing. You choose a design and color, and they take care of the rest after you provide all of the information details. For invitations from online stores, expect to pay around $3 and up on average per invitation suite (invite, response card and envelopes).

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