Wedding Stationery Contract: Key Elements to Cover

Before you place your order for your wedding invitations, make sure to confirm the following details in your stationery contract.

  • The names and contact information, including phone number, address and email.
  • The exact wording and correct breaks for your invitations and all the enclosures.
  • The return address that needs to be printed on the envelopes.
  • The mailing address that needs to be printed on the RSVP envelopes.
  • The type of paper stock and color you have selected.
  • The ink color you have selected.
  • The typeface you have selected, along with a sample attachment.
  • The printing style you have selected: digital, letterpress, engraving, thermography or other.
  • The amount of purchased stationery, along with descriptions of all the chosen stationery.
  • The date that your order will be ready by.
  • The total cost for all stationery.
  • The deposit amount and due date, as well as the balance amount and due date.
  • The policy for cancellation and refund.
  • Get signatures of all parties involved.

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