The Last-Minute Wedding-Day Checklist

You’re down to the wire and pretty certain all the final wedding plans are in place. But “pretty certain” isn’t good enough. Check out these important to-do items, and then be definitely sure you have everything together before you big day.

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Last Minute Wedding Tasks

Pick up the phone and re-confirm every single detail with all of your vendors, including the date, time, and location of the wedding. Be sure to give each vendor the contact information to reach your point of contact.

Confirm the wedding’s end time with your venue and double check what time the location should be cleared out so you can update each vendor with this information and avoid any unexpected overtime fees.

Share the schedule, a list of special duties, and important contact information with your parents, the wedding party, and your wedding coordinator. A helpful way to stay on schedule is to provide a document with call-times for all the key players on your wedding day.

This is a perfect way to keep the show moving smoothly. For instance, if the bride and wedding party are to be photographed at 3:30 p.m., this means they should arrive to the location at 3:15 p.m. fully dressed, and be ready to shoot.

All final payments and cash tips should be placed into individual envelopes for each vendor. Designate a trusted friends or relative to distribute the envelope on the wedding day. As vendors collect their final payments, have each one sign a note indicating receipt. In case anyone claims they did not receive payment, you will have proof that payment was submitted.

Have wedding items delivered to the reception site before the wedding, including wedding favors, toasting glasses, cake knife, etc. For any items going to the ceremony location, ask a trusted friend or relative to make sure everything gets there before guests arrive.

Have your jewelry, hosiery, shoes, etc., all set in one place to make getting dressed on your wedding day a simpler task.

You can’t get married without your marriage license, and your officiant won’t be able to provide it for you, so make this a top priority!

Don’t have your wedding attendants stranded at the wedding location. If they have plans to share transportation on the way to the wedding, make sure everyone also has a ride home at the end of the night. 

Ask a trusted friend or relative to take your presents home after the wedding. Give him/her a house key so they can have your gifts there for you upon your return from the honeymoon.

Your bridal emergency kit should include all the important little things that you might need to address any minor accidents (e.g., Band-Aids, stain remover, breath mints, and sewing needle and thread).

Call to confirm your travel reservations and be sure all the important travel documents are safe and secure where both you and your fiancé can locate them.